Thursday, April 19, 2007


hello, I hope it finds them liked the tasks carried out during the level English I, I think that English is of supreme importance to be able to have a good career with success, thank you to have revised my tasks if they have some suggestion they don't forget to write it to me ok....
Leidiana Benavides

my daily routine

hello, me every day I get up to the 9:00 am I go to the bathroom, I get dressed and like to leave to the 10:30 am to the university, I arrive at the university at 12:30m o'clock and I leave at 5:30pm o'clock and I arrive at my house at 7:30pm o'clock I arrive I take a bath and I place myself to study up to 11:00pm o'clock and then I go to bed to sleep.
Leidiana Benavides


Hello, my name is Leidiana Benavides, I wait that you through my it paginates web they can revise all my tasks carried out in the level English I, there they are some pictures of friends and family

Unit 7

Hello, I live in a house, it is not very big it possesses a room dining room, a kitchen, three rooms and two bathrooms; he has a quite big patio.

Unit 6

hello, my family is small I have a single brother and he calls himself Leidin, my potato calls me Leidin the same as my brother and my he suckles she calls himself Ana, my grandparents on the part of mother call themselves Maria and Jesus and my grandfather on the part of father they call themselves Maria Antonia and Bernardo, I have many cousins but the but near he/she calls himself Bernardo.

Unit 5

Their name Jose Alberto, is in a cold climate, it wears a black flannel and above a red jacket, a black jeans, he also has a guitar in his hands, behind they are the thick clouds and some bushes this climate its is in Lagoon located in the Trujillo, he like to play guitar, under and keyboard, his personality is that of a calm, pleasant, simple and mainly humble boy, he loves to play Basquet, and he likes to eat a lot
Leidiana Benavides

Unit 4

I am in a hot climate; I wear jeans I cut blue, a rosy flannel, some sandals and some black eyeglasses, to my right are my cousin Albanys and my mother ell and of the left side my other cousin Gaby, to the bottom is the hill Santa Ana located in the City of Coro. I describe myself like a very pleasant, charismatic girl, like me to be sociable, I love to share with the other ones, I like to listen music, to go shopping, to read and mainly to study
Leidiana Benavides